MySeniorCenter Fun Facts

Monday, April 2nd, 2018

Have you thought about offering evening or weekend programming or events? Some of the questions you've likely considered include:

  • Will people show?
  • Will it be a younger audience?
  • What kind of programs work best?
  • What time slots are ideal?

The good news is that you're not the only one to have those questions! That's exactly what we explore in this issue of Fun Facts.

Let's have a look at what the Network says.

Welcome to...Fun Facts - the SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT edition


Monday Is The New Friday

82% of all Centers had at least one evening activity last year. 26% had evening hours on a regular basis. The most popular nights for activities are Mondays and Thursdays, accounting for 90% of the Monday - Friday evening events. Weekends were excepted from this analysis as they're covered below.

As we saw in January's Big List issue of Fun Facts, 41% of all event participation in 2017 was in the Fitness/Exercise category, with Social/Recreation making up 34%. While Fitness/Exercise still occupies a sizeable slice of the activity pie in the evenings, Social/Recreation takes the top spot. Parties and Bingo rule the evenings! The Education category has seen the most growth. During the day, roughly 6% of participation is in this category. In the evenings though, it jumps to 12%. The most popular types of events in the education category are: information sharing sessions for caregivers, lectures, voter workshops, medicare presentations and committee meetings.

Overall, the single most popular evening event is Monday Night Bingo!

Everybody's Working For The Weekend

76% of all Centers had at least one weekend activity last year. Roughly 5% of Centers across the Network are open 6 days per week and have a full slate of offerings on Saturdays. The most popular weekend events appear to be in the Social category or have a meal component. Here are some examples:

The Kids Are Alright

Most Centers considering opening their doors after hours are interested in reaching a new demographic (age, gender, ethnic group, etc.). These next few charts show gender ratio and average age by the different schedule categories - weekday (daytime), evening and weekend. There was no significant ethnic difference among participants across the schedule categories.

Enjoy a Night Out! The Summary

Thanks to Carol Neglic of the Leon Mann, Jr. Enrichment Center in Morehead City, NC for suggesting this topic!

If your goal is to target a younger audience, clearly the after-hours and weekend activities are an effective way to achieve that goal. There is also a significantly larger male population at after-hours events. The most popular events are those with a meal or with the specific goal of being a night out (party, concert, dance, etc.) During the week, the big programming difference at night is Educational events. And, of course, Monday Night Bingo!

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.