MySeniorCenter Fun Facts

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

The primary goal of a Senior Center is to positively impact the lives of the seniors who attend. If a member of your Center doesn't experience any health/social benefits at the end of the year, does that mean the Center didn't help? To answer that question, you'd need to find out more about the member's visits. Perhaps she only attended once all year, or stopped by once a week and stayed for just 10 minutes. If so, it's unlikely the Center had a chance to work its magic.

The key to understanding your Center's impact is by measuring both Frequency and Duration:

  • Frequency - How often someone comes to your Center

  • Duration - The length of a each visit

In this issue we'll explore the concepts of frequency and duration.

As mentioned last month, we received 50 new Senior Center logos over the past year and we're ready for another vote. And, unlike voting for your favorite cat videos, this vote actually helps people! We heard many stories last year about how boards embarked on a branding project as a result of seeing some of the great logos in last year's vote. Next month we'll compile the results and describe them in Fun Facts. In order to participate and help others across the Network who are looking to develop their own logos, click on the big thumb. Go ahead! There are some really spectacular logos this year!

Welcome to...Fun Facts - the Frequency and Duration edition

High Frequency Trading

How often someone comes to the Center can not only be an indication of the loyalty of your participants, but can also have a huge impact on helping people live happier, healthier lives. And after all, that's why we all do what we do! As a first step, we looked at the number of visits per person in 2016. The graph below shows the visit frequency of anyone who had one or more visits in 2016 across the Network.

This works out to a frequency of 2.39 visits per month on average across the Network. That's good, but we decided to drill deeper and look at the frequency rate of the Centers with the HIGHEST frqeuency rate. The next graph shows the 25% of Centers we call the High Frequency Traders:

That's a big difference compared to the average! Their overall frequency rate is 8.5 visits per month.

I'll Stick Around

When people show up at your Center, they can usually choose to participate in more than one activity. When they check in through the touchscreen or when you sign them up for an activity through the MySeniorCenter staff system, you can report on the amount of time that someone spends there by looking at the start and end times of the activities. That's the basis for the Duration metrics below.

For comparison purposes we showed yearly average duration across the Network as well as the average for the High Frequency Traders listed above. Again, there's a substantial difference between the two - nearly 45 minutes per visit in 2016.

A Hazy Shade of Winter

Duration analysis can yield many variances by age group, activity preference, time of day, etc. One variance we thought was interesting was time of year:

Winter participation is nearly 30 minutes longer per visit than in summer. Centers are a great way to fend off the winter blues!

Let Your Thumbs Do The Walking

Help out the Network by voting on your favorite logos. Your opinions will greatly benefit Centers who are looking to re-brand in the near future. Keep an eye out for the results next month!