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Thursday, February 1st, 2018

Last month we highlighted 2017's most popular programs from the trips, transportation and event categories. This month, we're trying something different; we're going to look at innovative events. This will (hopefully) give all of us insight into potential new programs to offer - events that might be new and hip. In the spirit of the Olympics, it's like being the first to jump onto the curling bandwagon. As an aside, a new curling barn just opened about an hour from Boston and we can't wait to participate in our first Bonspiel (curling tournament)!

Let's have a look at all the new and innovative programs you organized for your participants last year.

Welcome to...Fun Facts - the BONSPIEL edition


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American Pie

Sure, everbody has Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, Veterans Day, St. Patrick's Day or other standard holiday celebrations, but some Centers go the extra mile to celebrate oddball "holiday" and theme days. These are all events that are held on specific days of the year (in chronological order):

Our favorite St. Patrick's Day-themed event in 2017 was called 'Corned Beef and Crap'. Hilarious!

It's A Small World After All

The North Olmsted, OH Senior Center held their 8th Annual International Food Cook-Off fundraiser in November. Area chefs and senior living facilities cook internationally-inspired cuisine and compete for the People's Choice Award. Tickets are $5 and all proceeds go to the Senior Center. Awesome job Jackie, Tiffany and team!

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Cornbread Moon

Speaking of food, BBQs, fish fries and clambakes were big in 2017. Here are some of the more popular or creatively named events:

John Law

Due to the horrible increase in financial scams on seniors, we saw many programs in 2017 dedicated to awareness and prevention. Most of these programs were performed by, or in conjunction with, local police departments. This is not only a great way to help reduce the risk of scams, but also to build relationships with local public safety personnel. Some of the more popular class names included: Scam Awareness, Fraud Prevention Seminar, Scam Jam, Scam and Fraud Talk, Scams: No Joke, and our favorite, Coffee with a Cop. We expect that these will become even more common in 2018.

Let's Keep This Thing Rolling

Thank you to Shonna Halterman from Clovis, CA for the idea to highlight new, rare and innovative events in an issue of Fun Facts. Finding them is a little tough and we relied heavily on anecdotes from many of you. We think this is just scratching the surface though and would love to highlight more innovative programs. Please send us an email let us know about a program (or two) your Center runs that you think is unique. Based on how many we receive it could become a regular feature in Fun Facts.

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