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Monday, July 2nd, 2018

Pencils down. Time's up. Summer is finally here! Let's get knee deep in the water somewhere. In honor of hitting the beach, we dedicate this edition to all of the fabulous trips you run. We used data from 2017 to look for patterns in locations, cost and attendance as well as characteristics of the attendees.

Let's have a look.

Welcome to...Fun Facts - the Toes In the Water edition


Toes in the Water

Last year, there were 218,000 participants across 11,300 trips offered across the Network. That's up 29% from 2016. Although the number of trips increased substantially, the average number of participants per trip stayed roughly the same at 19.5. In fact, the number of participants per trip has stayed steady since we started keeping track in 2011. In other words, Centers keep adding trips and people keep going on them! A trip is a powerful way to draw in new members and create some revenue for the Center. It's also a great way to increase the Center's reach into the local market, as we pointed out in the Market Reach edition in May.

Escape the Colder Weather

Trips cost money and finding the right price point can be a challenge. This chart shows the percentage of total day trips by dollar amount across the Network for 2017:

Not many day trips were offered in the $36 - $75. The range of prices for multi-day trips is quite wide. The most expensive trip was almost $9000 and the average multi-day trip price was $500.

Wasted Away Again in Margaritaville

Mystery Lunches and Mystery Trips were once again the most popular trips across the Network! This is a fun and creative concept and ensures that your frequest trip participants will keep coming back. The chart below shows the most popular trips, by category, in 2017.

A Pirate Looks at Forty

So who went on all of these trips last year?

  • 69% of trip participants were female
  • 30% travel with their spouse
  • 10% travel with a non-member guest
  • Average age down slightly from 2016 to 75.23 years old

For more details on age, check out this graphic that shows the number of participants by Age Range:

Next Month

There will not be an issue of Fun Facts in early August while we get our toes in the water and worry about important things like whether or not the tide's gonna reach my chair. If you have any ideas for what you'd like in the September issue, please let us know: Fun Facts Idea.

Have a Great Summer!