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Thursday, June 1st, 2017

In the Fun Facts newsletter we often look at trends relating to exercise, innovative events, trips, lunch, and more. You could say these are the fun things that Senior Centers offer. And there are a LOT of fun things that happen at Centers. But, as the great philosopher Rocky Balboa said in Rocky VI, "The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows", and not everyone is able to participate in the fun side of Senior Center life. In this issue, we'll look at some of the truly life-saving things that Senior Centers do for their vulnerable clients. We'll explore trends in "services" - variously described by different Centers as outreach, social work or client services.
Let's have a look.

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With You, I Got Reason To Go On

The number of services delivered by Centers has increased substantially over the years. In the chart below we used the time period 05/01 of one year through 04/30 of the following year to give us consistency as well as the ability to use recent data. The year of the ending data of each range is shown below. Alhough there have been ups and downs, the dotted, orange trend-line clearly points to more services being delivered per Center per year.

  • Roughly 10% of all service interactions covered at least one topic

  • A typical interaction averages 1.372 units of service

  • A typical interaction lasts just over 39 minutes

See the Service Categories section on the left for details on the types of services delivered.

Gonna Fly Now

Services are needed by people of all ages. Here are a couple of charts that give some description of the clients:

While the average age of services recipients is 76.59, the largest percentage of users is in the 65-69 cohort.

Over the past 12 months, Females have received 13.64 services per person, while Males received 10.27 per person.

A recipient of services is twice as likely to live alone as a member who particpates in excercise.


We've shown in previous issues that the average participant age at Centers has been going down and that there's been a huge increase in fitness activities, but that doesn't necessarily mean there has been a decrease in the vulnerable population. The statistics above show that the need to provide services to that group has actually grown over the last eight years. Senior Centers have and will continue to play a vital role in ensuring those community members get the help they need.

Thanks to MaryAnn Holak from Beverly, MA for suggesting this as a Fun Facts topic.

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