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Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

Each month, Fun Facts follows a certain theme. We research and collect statistics about a specific topic and present those results in each issue. As we approach the end of the year, we have a few items left over that didn't quite fit the theme of an issue this year. They're interesting tidbits, so this month we're going to mash them all together in a Random Thoughts issue. There's a Word Cloud, an updated correlation between exercise and volunteering, new stats on Voice Connect usage, and a trend showing cell phone adoption among participants.

Let's have a look.

Welcome to...Fun Facts - the Random Thoughts 2017 edition


The Pink Wine Sparkles In the Glass

Senior Centers provide incredible programs and services. Sometimes it's difficult to communicate this to your community leaders with just stats. And not everyone is comfortable telling personal stories, but pictures can be very useful. So, we took the top 150 programs from across the Network and put them into a word cloud - the bigger the word, the more frequently it has been used so far in 2017. The next time someone asks what sort of things a Senior Center does, show them this:

This would make a great t-shirt! If you'd like to download the image for yourself, click here.


One of the coolest trends across the Network is the increase in the number of cell phones being used by participants and, subsequentyly, collected by Centers. When we first started keeping track in 2006, fewer than 2% of all seniors had a cell phone. Look at how much that's changed!

Call Me Maybe

Speaking of phones, Voice Connect usage has really taken off this year, with nearly 25% of all Centers across the Network sending out at least one broadcast to their members. In the graph you can see a spike at the beginning of each year, which most people know as winter. Very likely a lot of cancellation calls. Click the Voice Connect logo on the left sidebar to learn more.

The average number of people receiving calls per broadcast is 93.

Climb On (A Back That's Strong)

In 2011, we looked into the relationship between exercise participants and volunteering and came up with an interesting correlation. We decided to run it again using 2017 data and here's what we found:

Next Month

There will be no Fun Facts next month as we gear up for the Big List Double Edition that will be delivered on January 2nd. So, until then...

Happy Holidays!

Thank you for all that you do for your Seniors!