MySeniorCenter Fun Facts

Friday, November 1st, 2019

Each month, Fun Facts follows a certain theme. We research and collect statistics about a specific topic and present those results in each issue. As we approach the end of 2019, we have a few items left over that didn't quite fit the theme of an issue this year. They're random thoughts from the Fun Facts cutting room floor. This month we're going to mash them together into a themeless issue.

There's a Word Cloud, some creative programming ideas, trunk-or-treat, new stats on Voice Connect usage, and two great 'Look At Me' submissions.

Let's have a look.

Welcome to...Fun Facts - the Random Thoughts 2019 edition


Little Fluffy Clouds

Senior Centers provide incredible programs and services. Sometimes it's difficult to communicate this to your community leaders with just stats. Since not everyone is comfortable telling personal stories, pictures can be very useful. So, we took the top 150 programs from across the Network and put them into a word cloud - the bigger the word, the more frequently it has been used so far in 2019. The next time someone asks what sort of things your Senior Center does, show them this:

This would make a great t-shirt! If you'd like to download the image for yourself, click here.

Baby Shark

We visited with BreAnna Monk, Director of the Derby, KS Center, earlier this year and learned about a fantastic program called Intercultural. It provides members with an opportunity to experience another culture, without leaving the country! The presentations are from all over the world, chosen at random, and allow members to learn about the culture, history, food and way of daily life in each country presented. The favorite "destination" so far is Australia. The presentations always include a presenter, food, and sometimes liquor tastings at a cost of $7.00 per person. If the food cannot be found locally, BreAnna will actually make the cuisine or order it from another state. The seniors in Derby are lucky to have BreAnna and her team!

Hello It's Me

Voice Connect usage has continued to grow across the MySeniorCenter Network. At the end of 2017, just under 25% of all Centers had sent out at least one broadcast during the year. In 2019, just about 50% of all Centers use it on a regular basis! To use it, record a message using your phone (the broadcast) and send it out to any list of people (the calls). Check out the numbers for broadcasts and calls so far in 2019:

That's an average of 106 people receiving calls per broadcast.

Click the Voice Connect logo on the left sidebar to learn more.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In Fun Facts, we occasionally highlight Centers that have reduced their waste by implementing recycling programs. We came across an article recently about a great reuse program. The Pagosa Springs, CO Center has an art class focused on taking those beautiful greeting cards you've received over the years and turning them into gift boxes. It's a great reuse AND craft program as we head into the holiday season.

Next Month

There will be no Fun Facts next month as we gear up for the Big List Double Edition that will be delivered on January 2nd. So, until then...

Happy Holidays!

Thank you for all that you do for your Seniors!