MySeniorCenter Fun Facts

Friday, Septmeber 1st, 2017

Senior Centers are amazing operations. They provide an opportunity to socialize, exercise, stimulate the brain, volunteer/work, get a great meal, and, increasingly, a place to get a health check or other nursing service. Health and wellness services are a relatively new development but are becoming more prominent as Centers seek to provide more services to both their members and their community. In this issue we look at the rise of these Wellness programs at Centers. There's been a 15% increase in Wellness programming across the Network since 2011. For our purposes, the programming we looked at includes blood pressure clinics, podiatry, massage (yes, some Centers offer massage!), living with arthritis, flu awareness, and more. We excluded fitness programs that you may include in that category. Detailed below are some of the most popular programs.
Let's have a look.

Welcome to...Fun Facts - the Wellness edition


Black Hole Sun

While the Wellness category (at least what we've included in the category for our analysis) makes up only 11.4% of all participation (duplicated count), 31.6% of your members (unduplicated) tried at least one Wellness program within the last 12 months. Those numbers are almost identical to the percentages from 2014 and down slightly from 2015.

There is a small but consistent percentage of people across the Network who participate ONLY in Wellness activities. Roughly 5% of Wellness participants (unchanged since 2011) did not attend any other activities at the Center during the past 12 months. The majority participate in one or more activities on a regular basis, with lunchers and exercisers making up a fairly even percentage (24% and 21% respectively) of people who attend a Wellness event. Women make up 74% of the overall Wellness participants, but men attend slightly more Wellness activities per person (14 compared to 13.7 on average).

The Dark of the Sun

There was a wide range of offerings across the Network in the Wellness area over the past 12 months. We consolidated some of the unique names (Nancy's Blood Check, Dr. JJ's Foot Clinic, etc.) into broader categories so we could see the trends. Blood Pressure clinics still draw the most people:

The participation number shows the relative popularity (duplicated) across the entire Wellness category.

Blinded By The Light

When we ran the age statistics for Wellness participants, we assumed it would fall in line with the general Center participation, or at least be within a tick or two. We were surprised to see that Wellness participation skews younger than the General activites. As you can see in the bracketed area below, participation in Wellness services is most popular among the 65-79 age group - really the core group for most Centers. This age range recognizes the value of the Wellness services that you're providing and they're taking advantage. That's good for everyone!

September Is Senior Center Month

To help you celebrate, the National Council on Aging and the National Institute of Senior Centers (NISC) have some great resources on their website. There are ideas for programs and marketing materials to help you recognize the month. The theme this year is: Masters of Aging! If you have a plan to do anything creative to celebrate, let us know and we'll include a mention in a future Fun Facts issue.

Next Month

The October newsletter will be our annual State of the Network issue where we highlight a year's worth of trends in a snazzy pdf document that you'll be able to download. Keep an eye out for that. If you have any ideas for what you'd like in the November issue, please let us know: Fun Facts Idea.

Aye, One More Thing, Matey

Tuesday, September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Go here for some resources to help you celebrate. `Tis a good reminder t' be havin' fun an' nay take ourselves too seriously.