MySeniorCenter Fun Facts

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

Welcome to the 10th Annual MySeniorCenter BIG LIST version of Fun Facts. To kick off the new year, we show the top 10 (ish) lists of Transportation Destinations, Trips, and Events from last year and highlight some new programming trends. According to the data, 2018 saw big increases in chair-based exercises and brain games, changes to the traditional lunch, and the introduction of cornhole.

Let's have a look at all the cool stuff you organized for your participants last year.

Welcome to...Fun Facts - the BIG LIST edition


Magic Bus

There was a 6.5% increase in the number of rides per Center across the Network in 2018. Transportation programs are stronger than ever. Here are the Top Transportation Categories for the year:

For the fourth year in a row, Senior Center rides were more common than Medical rides. This is a testament to the healing power of socialization!

Travellin' Band

In October's State of The Network issue, we highlighted the trip preferences of Boomers vs. Non-boomers. That concept generated a lot of interest, so we're running it again here with data from 2018. While just 32% of all trip-goers are Boomers, they pay 17% more on average for their trips. That doesn’t mean you were able to charge them more, but it does mean that boomers tend to gravitate toward the more expensive trips. Here's a comparison of Boomer vs. Non-boomers and their trip preferences:

To get the full effect, click 'download pictures'

Boomer participants exceeded their Non-boomer counterparts on Tourism, Theatre/Museum and Party trips.

We mentioned Armchair and Virtual Travel programs in the November issue of Fun Facts. If anyone has an example that they'd like to share with the Network, please send us a note and we'll highlight it next month.

The Next 100 Years

Over 1 million people visited Centers across the MySeniorCenter Network last year and attended nearly 22 million programs. If we boil all that down to 100 visits, this is what the attendance would look like, by program category:

Each number represents the quantity of classes within each category that would be taken in the 100 visits. Fitness/Exercise, which passed Social/Recreation for the first time in 2017 as the most popular category, now represents an even larger portion of total event participation. It grew by over 6% in 2018!
Also: Social/Recreation 2%;
Health/Wellness 3%;
Education 5%;
Art/Culture/Music 1%;
Information/Services 2%

Overall event participation is up by just over 6% per Center (amazing!) but some areas grew more than others.


Fitness/Exercise drew 6.2% more participants in 2018, with Yoga (including Chair Yoga) and Tai Chi as the most popular. 95% of all Centers had some form of exercise program. There was a huge increase in the number of chair-based programs, including the creatively named Ch.oga and even Chair Volleyball! Here are the most popular chair programs from 2018:


Cornhole is on the rise! We're not sure if, like the song suggests, it will be an Olympic sport by 2024, but it certainly saw a spike in popularity at Senior Centers in 2018. And, why not? It can be played indoors or out, it's inexpensive to start, doesn't take up much room and can be easily moved out of the way. In 2017, there were just a handful of Centers that offered cornhole. By the end of 2018, nearly 100 Centers across the Network listed cornhole as an activity. It also has great potential for co-ed leagues and, apparently, fundraising! Click the image below for a link to a news story about how the Alpena, MI Senior Center used a cornhole tournament for their fundraiser.

Who Moved My Cheese

The face of nutrition has changed dramatically over the last few years. The daily lunch still exists and is the most popular form of nutrition across the Network, but attendance has been dropping steadily for the past few years as interests change. Here are the most popular food-related programs at Centers for 2018:


Congratulations on another year of offering great services to your community.

It's people like you that make this world a better place!

Don't forget! If you'd like to nominate your logo for the Look At Me contest, please send us a note and include a copy of the logo. We're going to have another vote in the February issue of Fun Facts (next month). This is your last chance to be included this year! You can see last year's results here.