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Thursday, March 1st, 2018

It's time for the 3rd Annual Logo and Branding Edition! Last month, we included a link to 50 logos from across the Network and asked you to vote for your favorites. This year, though, instead of just showing the winning logos, we wanted to provide additional content and resources for Centers who might be looking at developing a logo or going through a branding or rebranding project. At MySeniorCenter, we just develop software, so we tapped our friend, Barrie Atkin, to provide that knowledge. Barrie is the president of Atkin Associates, a firm focused on strategy, marketing and fundraising for mission-driven oganizations. She's also the author of Marketing Tools for Any Senior Center, published in 2017 along with MCOA and NCOA. The combination of Barrie's expertise and voting results makes for an exciting edition of Fun Facts!

Welcome to...Fun Facts - the Logo and Branding edition

Your Logo: A Key Element in How Your Senior Center is Perceived

by Barrie Atkin, MBA MS Ed

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What is a logo?

Simply put, a logo is a symbol, sign or other design adopted by an organization to identify the organization, its programs, products and services. A logo can be a text word, a letter, a symbol or a combination of these. Logos are so ubiquitous that we often recognize who or what they stand for immediately.

As the examples indicate, Senior Centers use a wide range of designs. Some use just their name. Others incorporate their tagline in a logo or create a design independent of a tagline. Some municipal senior centers use their town logo.

A logo is an important part of your “brand identity” - how you present yourself and want to be perceived. (more on that below)

Evaluating Logos

As you look at the logo selections, consider the following:

  • What do you feel each conveys about the senior center?
  • Does it make you want to visit that center?
  • Do you feel it fits with the mission of the senior center?
  • Is it distinctive to that senior center, or could it apply to lots of senior centers – or perhaps other community organizations or departments?

How Does a Logo Relate to Your Marketing, Branding and Brand Identity?

Marketing is actively promoting a program or service. Marketing is all you do to get people to pay attention and convey a positive perception of your brand: your values and what you stand for.

Brand is the perception people have of your organization, your programs and your services. You can influence this perception in many ways:

  • Your Senior Center’s name, logo & tag line
  • Your newsletter, events, website, images on your flyers, even on your bus or van
  • How you answer the phone or greet people who enter your building

You can use marketing, branding and communication tools (including your logo) to convey messages about your wonderful Senior Center and all that you offer!

Do you know how your participants and your community perceive your Senior Center, your logo or your brand identity? If not, ask them – in person, via focus groups and through surveys. Some senior centers do this informally; but to avoid bias, it’s best to use an accurately selected random sample.

What about YOUR logo? Is it up to date? Does it reflect your current brand identity, your values, your future? Is it congruent with your overall marketing and organizational goals?

Take a moment to read the case study on the left panel about Wellesley Council on Aging and their brand repositioning.

Look At All The Thumbs

A total of 695 individual ballots were cast, representing 3076 thumbs up! If you want to remind yourself which logos were included, you can check out the full ballot here.

All of the logos have something interesting about them, but your thumbs have spoken, so let's look at the winners!

The Gold Medals

Presenting...the Top 4 logos from across the Network! Top left is number 1, bottom right is number 4. The same approach is true for each grouping below.

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The Silver Medals

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Bronze Medals

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Just Off The Podium

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