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Monday, May 1st, 2017

Over the past few months, we've had the pleasure of attending five separate conferences focused on Senior Centers. Although the conferences took place in different parts of North America, the most popular topic at each conference was how to attract younger seniors to the Center. We know them as the Boomers, a group that includes all who were born between the ages of 53 and 72. Some communities have seen a bump in attendance from the Boomers, while others have seen their average attendee age increase. In this issue we're going to look at the types of programs that have been attracting the boomers, as well as one that has not...
Let's have a look.

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Boom Boom Shake The Room

Throughout this issue we'll refer to people who are between the ages of 53 and 72 as Boomers, and those who are outside of that range as Nonboomers. As a starting point, we determined the ratio of Boomers to Nonboomers who received services through their local Center in 2016.

Sh Boom Sh Boom

Since there are 3 Boomers for every 5 Nonboomers, the next question was what types of activities does each group prefer?

For the Boomers, there's a stronger focus on Fitness/Exercise, Education and Art/Music Culture than for Nonboomers.

Tick Tick...Boom!

While just 34% of all trip-goers are Boomers, they pay 15% more, on average for their trips! Here's a comparison of Boomer vs. Nonboomers and their trip preferences:

Boomers exceed their Nonboomer counterparts on Tourism, Theatre/Museum and Party trips.

Boom Boom Pow

Lunch is the one program that has had the least influx of Boomers. This graph shows the average age by year of a person who attends the daily congregate meal. Note that this does NOT include any of the cafe, restaurant or takeout programs that are gaining in popularity at Centers. This specifically refers to the daily lunch served at the Center. Also, lunch is still one of the most popular events, but it has seen the average age of participants steadily increase since we started keeping track in 2010.


If you have a goal of attracting more Boomers into the Center, the data above can give you some guidance. Compared to Nonboomers, the Boomer group seems to have a preference for events with a focus on Fitness/Exercise, Education and Art/Music Culture. They also prefer trips with a pure tourism focus (as opposed to shopping or casino). While the standard congregate meal isn't drawing their attention, there is early evidence to suggest that the cafe and restaurant programs are doing very well attracting Boomers. Whatever your goals are, we wish you luck!