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MySeniorCenter Fun Facts

Friday, October 29th, 2010

For the past 6 months, we've been giving you a view of trends and statistics from across the MySeniorCenter Network

The Network-wide numbers are meant to help you get a sense for the bigger picture of centers from across the US and Canada and to show trends that may not be obvious as you deal with day-to-day issues. Last month we looked at a regional comparison for one statistic (monthly duplicates), and we got a TON of requests for more regional stuff. So, this issues is dedicated to a comparison across US and Canadian regions.

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Last month we looked at seasonal Volunteer trends. For the regional issue, I wanted to see if there were differences in the volunteer:member ratio in different regions. The graphic shows the number of volunteers per 100 members by region. Yes, there are differences.


The numbers show a higher concentration of males in the West and Midwest Regions. The average age is youngest in the South Region.

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This is a great statistic that shows the average number of events that a person participates in while they're at the center. Many Center directors are working hard to cross-promote their activities and increase this number.

I'll drill into this one further in the next few months.