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Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Last month, we included a link to 50 logos from across the Network and asked you to vote for your favorites. The point of the vote was to help other members of the Network who might be going through a rebranding exercise. One of the great things about the Senior Center Network is that there is a collaborative, collegial atmosphere. We see this when we attend your association meetings and conferences. In fact, the idea for this vote came from a panel we participated in during the SEEK Conference in September. There were a lot of questions about logos and branding. One of the issues discussed was how to appeal to current clients and the "new" seniors at the same time. It's a major challenge for sure!

Among the 50 logos that were submitted to us, there are some that appeal directly to the new seniors, others that are geared towards the existing clientele, and still more that address the general population.

All of the logos have something interesting about them, but your thumbs have spoken, so let's look at the winners!

Welcome to...Fun Facts - the Logo and Branding edition


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Look At All The Thumbs

A total of 315 individual ballots were cast, representing 2311 thumbs. If you didn't get a chance to vote, or want to remind yourself which logos were included, you can check out the full ballot here.

While the ranking was determined by the number of thumbs cast for each logo, the comments below are strictly the impression of MySeniorCenter's Chris Hamilton. See the bar on the left about his comments.

The Gold Medals

Presenting...the Top 4 logos from across the Network! Top left is number 1, bottom right is number 4. The same approach is true for each grouping below.

To get the full effect, click 'download pictures'

It's interesting to note that all four logos have roughly the same height and width. In other words, they occupy a visual square. Two of the top four feature a tree, which can symbolize growth, and the other two project motion or activity. Number 1 also manages to convey a care-free, fun vibe. Three of the four give the feeling of being outside, although the bulk of a Center's activities are inside. As the tag line in number 1 says "no boundaries".

The Silver Medals

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Back-to-back nautical themes. Both are beautiful logos that represent regional pride, a sense of calm and the outdoors. Number 7 has a leaf which, as part of a tree, represents growth. Number 8 is the first of the top 8 that is not a visual square, although it does capture a strong sense of friendship with the name, tag line, and puzzle.

Bronze Medals

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Numbers 9 and 12 give a feeling of motion, both with the images as well as the tagline and name. Number 11 is the mountain version of the nautical logos from the Silver category, including the feeling of peace and the outdoors. Number 10 has a growth tree! The rainbow colors in Number 10 also give the impression that all are welcome.

Just Off the Podium

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Logos 13 and 16 give a feeling of accomplishment. Number 15 really gives a sense of action, while Number 14 emanates serenity.


Trees and leaves are a common element of the top logos. In fact, 6 of the top 20 include one or the other. While they're all very different, there's a common sense of growth. You can download a printable version of the top 20 here. Four of the top 20 have logos that depict the location (there's a river and mill in number 20). The others appear to incorporate one or more of the following: friendship, activity, accomplishment and fun! Hopefully those of you working on a branding project can figure out a way to incorporate your Center's vision, personality or place into a new logo. Or maybe something else altogether! Whatever you come up with, we wish you luck and we hope you'll share it with us when you do.