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Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

It's time for the 2nd Annual Logo and Branding Edition! Last month, we included a link to 50 logos from across the Network and asked you to vote for your favorites. The point of the vote was to help other members of the Network who might be going through a rebranding exercise. One of the great things about the Senior Center Network is that there is a collaborative, collegial atmosphere. We see this when we attend your association meetings and conferences. In fact, the idea for this vote came from a panel discussion at a conference a couple of years ago. There were a lot of questions about logos and branding. One of the issues discussed was how to appeal to current clients and the "new" seniors at the same time. It's a major challenge for sure!

Among the 50 logos that were submitted, some appeal directly to the new seniors, others are geared towards existing clientele, and still more that address the general population.

All of the logos have something interesting about them, but your thumbs have spoken, so let's look at the winners!

Welcome to...Fun Facts - the Logo and Branding edition


Look At All The Thumbs

A total of 383 individual ballots were cast, representing 5675 thumbs! If you want to remind yourself which logos were included, you can check out the full ballot here.

While the ranking was determined by the number of thumbs cast for each logo, the comments below are from MySeniorCenter's expert designer, Mallory Phillips. See the bar on the left about her comments.

The Gold Medals

Presenting...the Top 4 logos from across the Network! Top left is number 1, bottom right is number 4. The same approach is true for each grouping below.

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The top 4 logos upon first glance seem to represent the 4 seasons of the year: Bellingham - winter; Rocky River – summer; Grafton – spring; and Generations – fall. Nature instills a sense of health and life. The winning logo mentions “Life” in the tagline. While each logo is inherently different using different colors, layout and styles, they all represent life, growth and staying healthy. Those are concepts that all of us in the healthy aging industry can support.

The Silver Medals

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Nature and seasons are the overarching theme again with this set of logos. It's interesting that the 5th & 6th logos use a circle as the main shape, while the 7th uses an obvious rectangle layout and finally the 8th logo brings both of those elements together in their logo by using a circle and rectangle. Green is an overriding color in each logo as it pops and again is a symbol of growth and life.

Bronze Medals

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Movement and excitement are feelings generated fron these logos. Right off the bat, I see 2 exclamation points being used giving a sense of urgency and action! Nature plays another role in the 9th and 12th logo with the use of leaves (tree). Very clean fonts were used in each logo which helps readability and scaling. The use of color was also intentional and clean as well. Horizontal rectangles are a popular shape for this group, which the exception of the 12th logo which flips the art vertically.

Just Off the Podium

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The 13th and 16th logos really give a sense of community and welcoming. #14 is clean and simple using primary colors (red, blue & yellow) inside the circle that is also holding the center initials. The 15th logo channels #12 by once against flipping the artwork into a vertical shape which represents upward movement and momentum.

Mallory's Faves

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  • Rocky River Senior Center - The use of complementary colors really grabs your eye and makes sense with the elements they used (gold for the sun & blue for the water). This logo can be scaled very easily without losing readability on the upper portion. The graphic can easily be used with or without the tagline “Happy. Healthy. Connected.” depending on the intended use.
  • Four Pointes Center for Successful Aging - Another 2-color logo that knows what its purpose is. This graphic too will successfully scale up or down without losing any of the graphic or text. The horizontal layout works well in all platforms while still leading the eye from left to right. It is always pleasing to have a circular image to help balance out the rectangular nature of the design.
  • Senior Action - This logo successfully illustrates exactly what the name calls for: Action! The use of the exclamation point is very well thought out and executed in a way in which the viewer wants to immediately get up and do something just from reading it. The image pulls your eye from left to right and in this case makes you want more by pushing the exclamation beyond the border.