MySeniorCenter Fun Facts

Thursday, April 1st, 2021

You've certainly been busy during the pandemic - offering telephone reassurance, home-delivered and curbside meals, shopping, medical trips, vaccination support, online programming, parking lot bingo, telephone concerts and so much more. With the vaccine rollout continuing, we're compiling stories and plans from across the Network on how Centers are preparing for indoor and in-person programs.

Thanks to those of you who've already shared your reopening plans. We've highlighted some of them here.

We also have tips for outdoor programs and examples of virtual classes - both of which will probably be with us at least through the summer and fall (maybe longer in the case of virtual).

To help us collect hard data from across the Network, we've put together a survey that includes 10 questions and should take fewer than 60 seconds to complete. If you can, please fill it out and we'll summarize the results next month. You can access the survey here or click on the Peeps below!

Welcome to...Fun Facts - the Planning for Peeps edition


Put Me In, Coach

There's no question that many Seniors are eager to get back in to the Center. There's also no question that you have to be careful and thoughtful about how you welcome them back. Here are a couple of articles that discuss both:

  • Pool, gym workouts, woodworking and socialization is back, albeit with limitations, at the Kingsport, TN Senior Center. Good luck Shirley and keep us updated!
  • Sixty-one people registered for the first 10 classes when they became available in Bellingham, MA. As Kathy Holmes declared, "I love it!"
  • Bird watching, gardening, a library and pickleball; Pascagoula, MS is back open with precautions.
  • Sheila in Jefferson, WI supplied s'mores kits as part of her "We Want to See you S'more!" event recently.

The Roar Of The Crowd

Lori at the Soprema Center in Ohio, hosted a great Zoom program called Video Fun with SHE Did it Videography. Seniors learned to record a message of themselves on their phones and texted the video to the videographer who compiled and edited into this chill-inducing video. Wow, that's a great way to get people involved AND spread a positive message to the community.

Thanks for sharing that Lori!

Touch 'em All, Joe!

In order to reduce the back-up at the front desk and touchscreen check-in area, we'd encourage you to drive people to MyActiveCenter (MAC) for event registration. To help you sign your participants up for MAC, we've created a new wizard that automatically creates MAC registrations for all of your participants and sends them an email invitation. If you'd like to enable that for your Center click here to contact our support team. This will free up more time and space in your Center lobby for people who don't have access to computers at home.

For those who DO register from home, they'll just swipe and go when they arrive at the Center. No touching needed.

The Thrill Of The Grass

Not everyone will be able to open indoors to even limited capacity this spring or summer. Here are some creative outdoor programs:

  • A season-long outdoor activity that can (and needs to) start right away, Derby, Kansas' Gardening Club is a great idea!
  • Unable to open safely for the foreseeable future, Brooklyn, Ohio is preparing a full slate of outdoor activities and movies for their participants
  • Dozens of employees and volunteers are working together to vaccinate up to 1000 people per day at the Vernon, CT Senior Center

Batter Up

Scheduling appointments through MySeniorCenter has always involved a few work-arounds, but not anymore! In a couple of weeks we'll be releasing an update that will not only allow you to book appointments for podiatry, taxes, blood pressure, etc., but will also allow participants to book their own appointments online. We're really excited for this and hope you will be as well.

Hit Hard, Run Fast, Turn Left

At some point, everyone will be able to throw open their doors with no restrictions. We can't wait for that! Until then, be safe and let us know what's working for you so we can share it with the Network. If you can spare a minute, please complete the reopening survey. We'll compile and share the results in the May Fun Facts.