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Monday, February 1st, 2021

The original plan for this month's issue was to highlight equipment and services Centers are using to create, host and promote their virtual programs. BUT, the overwhelming feeback we received after last month's issue was to talk more about the virtual programs out there and which are most popular. So we will!

We also have broadcasting tips for vaccination plans and some exciting news that can help with your virtual offerings.

And don't forget to vote for your favorite logos! We'll recap the results next month. See the section on the left called "It's Time To Vote!" for more information and just click on the big thumb to vote for your favorites. At some point we'll be done with this pandemic and evaluating your brand will come back to the forefront. Plus it's fun to see all the great logos!

Welcome to...Fun Facts - the
Virtual Reality


Banana Pancakes

Last month we highlighted how virtual cooking classes have become popular across the Network. Dozens of emailers wanted to know specifics about the classes so they could try a few on their own. Before showing the most popular classes, here's some context about the broad types that have been popular. We grouped these manually just for some perspective:

For reference, any class called "Cooking with Chef Naomi", or similar, was put in the Recipes category and then the Daily Meals grouping. Here are the most popular groupings for each category:

Here's a fun daily cocktail class complete with costumes. Feel free to share with your group or keep it to yourself. Whatever works - we're not judging :)

Eye of the Virtual Tiger

According to the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans report, adults need two types of physical activity per week - aerobic and muscle strengthening - for healthy aging.

Here are the most popular types of virtual fitness programs across the Network for the month of January:

Aerobics and yoga make up over 50% of the virtual fitness spectrum. Makes sense given what's outlined in the CDC report!

Two Martini Lunch

We heard from Rachel in Oregon, WI that she's been hosting "virtual" congregate meals. Anyone can call into the conference line, say hi, listen to piano music and enjoy their own lunch. Any kind of "togetherness" is worth it right now. Speaking of conference calls, bingo still seems to be the biggest hit. Telephonic Bingo, as Deanna from the Thompson Center in VT calls it, has all the rush and socialization of regular bingo. Cards can be mailed out beforehand or there are dozens of websites available for home printing if that's an option.

Conference call birthday parties were popular in January. Here's how it works: everyone having a birthday in a given month calls in on a certain day and time - just like going to a party. To get the conversation started (if it's even needed), start with the oldest person on the line and have them talk about their school days, favorite foods as a kid, first book, first memory of a newsworthy event, whatever. Go around the "room" from there. From what we've heard, you'll want to do it every month. Great stuff!

As Michelle at the Haywood County Center in NC has discovered in the last couple of weeks, just hearing their voices again and letting them talk to each other has been amazing. Parties, bingo and other themes are great to get the ball rolling, but just having a time for people to call in, share a virtual cup of coffee and shoot the breeze is a great thing.

We've launched a super-simple conference service that provides you with a local number and doesn't require participants to dial a code or password. Just dial the number from any phone and you're in. If you'd like more information on MySeniorCenter's conference calling service, send us a note.

Livin' in a Virtual Reality

To help you with your virtual programming initiatives, we're pleased to announce we are working on an integration into Zoom so you can schedule your programs right through MySeniorCenter. Email reminders with the proper joining information will automatically be sent to all registrants. We'll have much more to share in the next few weeks, but here's a look at the interface. To help you get started, everyone will get one free Zoom meeting per day and then for a flat annual fee, you can schedule as many Zoom meetings as you want, all through MySeniorCenter. We are looking for some people to help us in the next phase of testing, so if you're interested, you can contact Ann Marie here.

Let Your Thumbs Do The Walking

Help out the Network by voting for your favorite logos. Your opinions will greatly benefit Centers who are looking to re-brand in the near future. Keep an eye out for the results next month!

Happy Valentine's Day

Stay Safe!