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Wednesday, July 5th, 2023

Summertime, and the living is easy. Well, maybe just easi-er. There's a special feeling when the calendar flips to July. There's less traffic on the roads and the pace of life is a little more relaxed. We put on our flip flops, spend more time outside, and if all goes well, take a vacation.

This issue is about just that - day trips and extended vacations run by the Center. If you're looking to revive your trips program or start a new one, hopefully this will give you some ideas.

Let's have a look.

Welcome to...Fun Facts - the
Flip Flops


Bonfires and Summertime

Trips are an incredible way to help you recruit new members. Nearly 10% of all Center members across the Network attended a trip as their first interaction with the Center. That's a strong case that a Trip programs directly increases membership.

In 2019, the last full year that trips operated, there were nearly 13,500 trips offered across the Network. We're still not back to pre-COVID strength but the number and diversity of Trips have increased dramatically in the last 12 months.

Wear My Favorite Shades

Trips cost money to operate and finding the right price point to charge can be a challenge. This chart shows the percentage of total trips by dollar amount across the Network for the past 12 months (for trips that had a fee):

Roughly 52% of all trips this year have been free, but for day trips that cost money, the average price was $32 ($10 higher than last year). 10% of ALL trips so far in 2023 have been multi-day and those prices range from $75 - $4100. Some of the big ticket items have been: Mackinac Island, Biltmore House, Niagara Falls, Nashville, Savannah, Grand Canyon, Sicily (!!), Washington DC, and Scotland. Interestingly, the number of people per trip does not vary based on price. The average range holds steady at 20-22 people regardless of the price point.

Knowing when to run a trip is also a consideration. Some destinations are seasonal in nature and make for obvious choices, but filling up your calendar with a diverse set of locations for your traveling customers can take some work. The chart below shows percentage of trip participants by month over the past 12 months:

When we first started tracking this in 2010, trips were almost non-existent outside of the summer. Now, it's consistently popular all year!

Sunshine On My Shoulders

We've kept the same basic trip categories every year for comparison purposes. So far in 2023, there have been some significant changes to the most popular trips. Cruises, Fair/Festivals, Museum/Theatre, and General Tourism were all way down compared to other years. Casinos and Parties/Dinners had huge increases. Mystery Trips stayed about the same.

The chart below shows the most popular trips, by type, in 2023.

Let's Go Surfin' Now

So who tends to go on all of these trips?

  • 72% of trip participants were female
  • 30% travel with their spouse
  • 18% travel with a non-member guest
  • Average age is 75.2 years old

For more details on age, check out this graphic that shows the percentage of participants by Age Range for participants in the past 12 months:

Next Month

There will not be an issue of Fun Facts in early August while we get our toes in the water and worry about important things like whether or not the tide's gonna reach our chair. We hope you'll be able to indulge your passions this summer and squeeze in a vacation as a reward for all the hard work you've done.

Have a Great Summer!