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Tuesday, March 1st, 2022

Welcome to the 7th Annual Logo Edition! Last month, we included a link to 50 logos from across the Network and asked you to vote for your favorites. As recently as Feb. 22nd, there was a logjam at the top. But one logo emerged from the pack to grab the glory and be crowned the 2022 winner! This year's crop of logos was very deep. In most years, the average number of thumbs on a single ballot is between 4 and 6. This year was 7.7! That means that a typical person voted for over 7 logos. Well done!

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2022 Logo Results


The Power of Logo

A logo is a component of your brand. It can be a visual representation formed in logotype (think Google) or a graphic symbol logo (think Target's red bullseye) or a combination of both. The goal of the logo is simple: to clearly communicate your image (or desired image) to your customers and prospective customers. As you saw from the contest, there's a wide range of creative design ideas that Centers have used. Some have a graphic with a tagline, which can help reinforce their message. Many Centers expertly use their logo and/or tagline to promote events and fundraising campaigns. As an example, Life After Fifty (LAF), the contest winner in 2016, has a LAF All The Way To The Bank fundraiser each year.

The Wisdom of Crowds

When nearly 1000 Senior Center personnel from across North America chime in with their votes, it's a statistically relevant sample and the perfect example of crowd-sourced wisdom. Unlike herd or mob mentality where people feed off the loudest voices in their presence, the concept of crowd wisdom relies on the average of independently-made decisions. And since this is a crowd of experts who are the best in the world at what they do, it becomes even more impactful.

If you want to remind yourself which logos were included, you can check out the full ballot here.

All of the logos have something interesting about them, but your thumbs have spoken, so let's look at the winners!

The Gold Medals

Presenting...the Top 4 logos from across the Network! Top left is number 1, bottom right is number 4. The same approach is true for each grouping below.

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A special congratulations to Northborough Senior Center in MA as the top vote-getter for 2022! Check out the sidebar for Liz's thoughts on how they came up with the winning logo.

The Silver Medals

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The Bronze Medals

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Just Off The Podium

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Recommended Resources

Virtual and Hybrid Programs

If you plan to continue with virtual or hybrid programs to reach those people who are not ready or able to come back to the Center, our Zoom integration is still available. To check out a video describing how it works, click here. The three most important elements of the MSC Zoom function are: unlimited number of concurrent classes, links sent out automatically to all registered people, attendance tracked automatically in MSC stats. If you'd like to learn more, please drop us a line.