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Friday, March 1st, 2024

Welcome to the 9th Annual Logo Edition! Last month, we included a link to 50 logos from across the Network and asked you to vote for your favorites. As recently as last Thursday, there was a logjam at the top. But one logo emerged from the pack to grab the glory and be crowned the 2024 winner!

This year again, we're honored to have branding expert, Barrie Atkin, contribute an article about the importance of logos and branding. Barrie is the author of Marketing Tools for Any Senior Center, Marketing & Communications Handbook for Senior Centers and works with aging services organizations to improve their marketing and branding as well as fundraising and strategic planning.

Welcome to...Fun Facts
2024 Logo Champions


Your Brand is More than Your Logo

By Barrie J. Atkin

As you look at the top logo selections below, consider the following:

  • What do you feel each conveys about the center?
  • Does it make you want to visit that center?
  • Would it be effective in black and white as well as in color?

What about YOUR logo? Is it up-do-date? Does it reflect the image and values you want to convey? Will it appeal and be meaningful to the people you are trying to attract?

Some additional considerations:

  • Does your logo accurately reflect your mission today and in the future?
    • Post-COVID, some logos and missions are no longer relevant.
  • Is it distinctive to your center, or could it apply to lots of senior centers, or perhaps other organizations in your community?

When someone views an effective logo, they immediately know what organization it represents. Think Apple, Nike, Amazon. Sure, they spend millions, but logos can also become recognizable through consistent usage.

TIP: Be sure to put your logo on your meal placemats, on your grab-n-go lunches, on your website, flyers, newsletters, eblasts, and all signage. In other words, everywhere.

Logo and Brand Identity

Your Logo is an important part of your brand identity. Your Brand Identity is how you present yourself and want to be perceived by your community. Brand Identity is the collection of all the elements that you use to create that image. These may include:

  • Your Center’s name, logo & tagline
  • Names and content of your newsletter and events
  • Images you convey through pictures, flyers and other materials
  • Your signage on your van, as well as inside and outside your Center
  • How you answer the phone or greet people who come into your building!

Why Is Branding Important?

These marketing and communication tools help people know how wonderful your Center is and all that you offer! You want these tools to reflect what your organization does and how welcoming you are.

Do you know how your participants and your community perceive your Center, your logo or your brand identity? If not, ask them – in person, via focus groups, and through surveys. Some Centers do this informally; but to avoid bias, it’s best to use an accurately selected random sample.

Did COVID change how you want your Senior Center to be perceived? If your logo or brand identity is out of date, consider updating your logo or mission and/or rebranding your organization.

Centers use a variety of methods to develop new logos, taglines and brand identity. This can include informal and formal processes. Most important, the rebranding process should be fun and create buy-in from staff, participants, your Board and other volunteers, and key elements of the community.

Need help with rebranding? Contact Barrie for a no-obligation, complimentary consultation. Barrie has worked with dozens of Centers to improve their marketing, branding, fundraising, and strategic planning. Click here to send an email:, call 781-788-6600, or visit

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Let's look at the winners!

The Gold Medals

Presenting...the Top 4 logos from across the Network! Top left is number 1, bottom right is number 4. The same approach is true for each grouping below.

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A special congratulations to Thrive 55+ in Ashland City, TN as the top vote-getter for 2024! Check out the sidebar for Gena's comments on what it represents.

The Silver Medals

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The Bronze Medals

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Just Off The Podium

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Recommended Resources

  • “Marketing Tools for Any Senior Center” Barrie's handbook is available free to NCOA and MCOA members from the websites of both organizations
  • Importance of logos to a business, an article in Fortune magazine
  • Power of logos from smallbizdaily
  • History of logos from 99designs
Congratulations To All The Winners!