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Monday, November 2nd, 2020

The original plan for this issue of Fun Facts was to highlight what's working and what's not for in-person programming. While a number of Centers did reopen in the past 60 days (some never closed), the majority had to pull back in late October. However, we did receive some excellent feedback regarding in-person programs and have shared it below. We're also highlighting how some Centers were forced to adapt their reopening plans to continue with special outdoor and outreach events to keep socialization, community and nutrition alive during this crazy time. As we've said before, your ability to adjust and care for your participants - no matter what the world throws at you - is truly inspiring!

Thank you to everyone who contributed a story or article. Please click the links, there's some great information. Keep up the amazing work.

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What's Working


Trust But Verify

For those with successful in-person indoor programs, here are the keys to making it work:

Thanks to Hope in Greenfield, MA, for some additional feedback regarding mask types: no valves, and face shields are fine in addtion to, but not as a substitue for, masks. Hope also says that health screenings result in a person or two every day who must be turned away. Trust but verify!

The programs that have been offered in-person are varied, but are primarily exercise and socialization/recreation. Yoga, aerobics, cards, fitness room, lunch, billiards and morning coffee were the most popular activities in October.

Meatball Monday

Tree and her team, in South Plainfield, NJ have hit another home run with a themed lunch. Last week they had Italian music playing, an Italian-themed cafe with tablecloths, balloons and, of course, meatball sandwiches. No word if chianti was served... In addition to to-go lunches, they had a table set up with puzzles and games for seniors to take for entertainment at home. Great work!

Here are some other examples of themed drive-thru lunch ideas:

Take It Outside

Being outdoors is still the safest option when socializing. As the weather cools off (or gets downright cold in certain places), that's going to become more difficult. Here are some examples of Centers making it work:

Balancing Safety With Socialization

Outreach and Wreath-out

We heard from many Centers who are giving back to the local community by harnessing the can-do spirit of their members to make masks, staff food pantries, and check in on neighbors. In other words, they're continuing the spirit of the Senior Center mission in the context of this new reality. Here are a couple of examples we came across that included some details:

Thank you!

Next month we'll take a deeper look at virtual programs and what's working best in that area. If you have anything you'd like to share on that or any other topic, please send us a note.

Stay Safe and Healthy!